The Firm

Some think inside the box and some outside the box…
With DFL there is no box.

Principles We Live By

Integrity • Entrepreneurship • Accountability • Fundamentals

We strive everyday to live by these these principles, which define our character and culture; they have always been at the core of DFL. These long lasting qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are a fundamental strength of our business.

What We Do

We invest across alternative asset classes on behalf of our clients and institutions.

We serve investors around the world. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our clients’ capital across diverse markets.

We invest on a wide basis across a various range of asset classes including private equity, real estate, growth equity, non-investment grade credit and real assets.


We look to drive economic growth. We do this by using great people and flexible capital to help companies solve problems.



CEO – DFL Inc.

Dave DiPaola has 20 years of experience managing, purchasing, and selling multi-family properties in New York, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. Mr. DiPaola has been very successful in renovating and constructing value-add opportunities within the multi-family, commercial and industrial spaces.

Mr. DiPaola has been involved in working with over 3000 units to date. He comes with extensive construction and value-add experience.

Mr. DiPaola is a key decision maker when it comes to underwriting decisions and performance of various opportunities. His diverse past work experiences in the NYC hedge fund and Wall Street firms such as The Blackstone Group, Citibank, and Deutsche Bank, just to name a few, have served him well.  Mr. DiPaola’s experiences in non-financial firms include Paul Weiss and McKinsey & Co.

All of these opportunities have provided Mr. DiPaola a firm footing in managing and maintaining multi-million dollar projects from building data centers for disaster recovery to office spaces along with complete technology infrastructure and application buildouts.

Mr. DiPaola brings with him invaluable experience from his diverse working backgrounds which has served him well in his ability to increase financial performance of various real estate and business opportunities.



Chairman – DFL Inc.

Bo Fontana is a fifteen year veteran in real estate, having collectively renovated over 10,000 units.  Mr. Fontana negotiates and executes managerial terms and agreements, while working exclusively with Vanguard Management for all property management needs.
Mr. Fontana has a proven track record, having worked many years in construction and renovation. Years before Fontana holdings, it was Mr. Fontana’s direct vendor, trade, on-site application that was instrumental in the success of the MillsWorth Company, a general contracting company. Loyally serving individual owners, partnerships, and larger private syndicators throughout Texas, MillsWorth expanded services to California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Indiana. 
Mr. Fontana’s network of established key players has afforded DFL Inc’s great success. He works directly with principals, lenders, and brokers, and combines both construction and investment. Currently DFL Inc. has an increased level of interest and activity in acquisition and accumulation of multifamily complexes, exclusive to DFL Inc’s account. Mr. Fontana is increasingly orchestrating equity positions and investing in renovated properties. Mr. Fontana is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX.

Sumonto Ghosh

Sumonto has been actively engaged in real estate investing since 2012. He has syndicated a number of large multi-family deals and currently owns/manages a portfolio of multi-family/single-family investment properties in California and Texas.

Sumonto also brings with him extensive management experience from brand name companies like Motorola, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Apple.

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$300 MM


$500 MM


$15 B